A work-in-progress

School is not giving me much free time or energy to work with, but here’s what’s on my plate so far in first draft logline and elevator pitch format. I’ll try to drop by every now and again to let you know what’s the latest WIP  that’s got my pulse jumping.

Current: The Hotel Kincaid – New Adult – Horror/Paranormal

One sentence: The Hotel Kincaid is the story of an urban explorer stepped out of time and into a tragedy, where she will discover that abandoned places have their secrets and those, unlike people, never go quietly. 

Elevator Pitch: Sahar Bennett is an urban explorer who has set her sights on the abandoned monuments of downtown Detroit. Her last destination on a long, strange journey into the city is the Kincaid Hotel, a locked and shackled titan of a skyscraper left empty after an unexplained gas leak killed the hotel’s inhabitants in 1948. Sahar, with her predilection for the macabre, finds the condemned palace impossible to resist. Inside she encounters a world untouched by time and loses herself to the wonder of breathing, giggling ghosts, but for one small matter: a clock nobody else seems to notice that’s winding down. The year is 1948 and in three days every person in this hotel will die. Unless Sahar can uncover the plot that silenced the halls of the Kincaid sixty-five years ago and escape to the streets she’s come to know, she will die with them. 

*originally shared at CampNA. Inspired by this architecture post & this video by the UK Telegraph (‘The abandoned skyscrapers of Detroit’).


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