Life, boy I don’t know

Grad school is work. It’s just work. I love it, because I really do love to be busy, but it’s also pressure and I have a love/hate relationship with pressure.  When I prepare well, I’m equal to any task, but when I underestimate the job ahead, I’m a hazard to myself. I’m adapting.

Anyway, after months of saying I would, I finally got a chance to participate in #writeclub with @FriNightWrites on Twitter this past Friday. It was glorious. Despite getting waylaid by discovering the Legend of Korra on Nickelodeon had returned, I managed to write around 4k over a few writing sprints. Not bad.  If could produce that much a few times a week, I’d be in business.  In any event, I kickstarted “The Forgotten Life of Desiree King,” “Brethren,” and “Veruca Starship.” I’m thinking short story, novella, and novel-length, respectively, though this might change as I get to the worldbuilding stage.

I find that while first lines can be intimidating, they’re pretty easy to circumvent if you start in the middle.  I am crown regent of starting in the middle.  The first lines will come later when I’m sure of what follows. FLDK and VS are being pantsed in the extreme whereas I’ve had Brethren roughly outlined for years. The character arcs of the latter are set in stones, but the minor plot points could use some work.  I suppose I know what I’ll be doing with my nonexistent free time! The same thing I do with my busy time:


See you @TheGreyIdris!

Addendum: Those worldbuilding posts are still in-progress. I’m not quite sure how much I can share without coming across as a loon seeing masterpieces out of nothing at all. Guess we’ll see, eh?


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