NaNoWriMo — it’s that time of year again

So, it’s time for National Novel Writing Month again! I couldn’t be more excited. As you may know, I’ve got a number of projects already in-progress and I was somewhat excited to keep going on those, but just a few days shy of November 1st, I got a totally different idea. I didn’t want to write the heavy sci-fi I’ve been nursing for months or that gorgeous NA novel plot that came upon me as inspiration from the muses. I wanted to write a love story, just a love story. I wanted to write the epic journey of love from the eyes of somebody who wanted to propose.

I started with the idea of a woman who wants to find the perfect ring to use in proposing to her girlfriend. I thought of the kind of zany shenanigans I get up to when I need to make a perfect purchase and I don’t know how. “Perfect for You” was born in that moment. Danica Gold and Heather Weathersby were meant to be–or so I thought.

November 1st rolled around on the candy-sick heels of Halloween and the only thing I knew then was that I had a headache, my recent injuries from a car accident I got into last month were playing up, and that I was woefully unprepared to tell a wacky love story like Danica & Heather’s. Just the same, I took my muscle relaxers, got a good night sleep, and took up the word processor today like a good little NaNoer. I was ready, I was set. Heather and Danica’s whirlwind romance was coming, like it or not.

But then I began to type. I got a wonderful image of Danica, single jewelry designer and store owner, opening up her shop to face the day. She was happy, not lonely, content and successful. Then, she opened the front door and her dream came crashing down because somebody had broken in during the night and stolen something precious to her.


That wasn’t the story I’d been planning to tell. I wanted to talk about Danica and beautiful Heather and how they met and fell in love. I didn’t want to write a mystery and, yet, here we are. Alicia’s just shown up like a (maybe criminal) red herring with red curls to match and Danica’s already fallen so fast, her head’s on backwards. So much for a simple romance, and so much for Heather–sorry, Heather!

Just goes to show you that planning is awesome, but the characters and the story have minds of their own.

Happy NaNoing everybody. I’ll talk to you soon!

P.S., if you wanna be writing buddies this NaNo, I go by “Regency” (my actual name) at NaNo HQ.


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