Day 3: 20% Achievement Unlocked!

After a really slow start (722 in the first 24 hours), I’ve managed to more than make up for the lag on days 3 with with a whopping 7,394 words today alone!  My ultimate goal today was to break 10,000 before weekend’s end and I did it!.  Current word count is 10,223. This is farther than I have ever gotten during November in nearly a decade of effort. I put it all down to the tireless efforts of the tweeters @NaNoWordSprints & @SprintShack. You wouldn’t think timing all of this would make a difference, but it does. I didn’t the bulk of my writing during sprints.  You’d be surprised what you can bang out if you time yourself. Believe it or not, every word I type was germane to the story. It wasn’t always consistent, but it was all story instead of me talking to myself about how hard this is. No one is more surprised than I am.

I’m a fifth of the way through this novel. I think, this year, I just might get it done.



Just an FYI: you can still catch the minute by minute, caffeine-addled update @TheGreyIdris. That’s where I do all my flailing and sprints. Good times.


One thought on “Day 3: 20% Achievement Unlocked!

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