Day 8: 40% achievement unlocked!

Ended day 8 with a really very surprising 20,119 words written. W00t! Not too shabby. Could be a lot worse.  Upside, I’m 40% to my goal. Downside, most of it is dialogue that tells more than shows. I’ll fix it in the revising. No big.  The important thing is to write and I’m definitely writing.  My plans for NaNoWriMo goes that I want to stock up on words so that I can have a few days free to do other things, like study and do schoolwork worry-free. So far, so good. Operation Time Management is good to continue.

Had I known eight years ago what I know now, I probably would have won NaNoWriMo at least once, school or no school. Ah, well. Live and learn. Onwards to 50%!


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