Either/Or? Which Plot should I tackle for NaNoWriMo 2014?

I’ve got four ideas banging around my head and I could use some input as to which story I should work on this November. Here they are:

–  Seer (YA Spec. Fic/Alternate History) – In a world populated by seers (precognitives), sayers (projective telepaths), and regulars (those with neither ability), humanity is almost entirely reliant on the predictive powers of seers to guide their every move. From traffic jams to military coups, few events occur that cannot be foreseen. But even seers miss things.  Sixteen-year-old Anthemone Manigault is having dreams more ghastly than anything broadcast in the daily telepathic bulletins, and no other seer sees the same.  Somehow, someone is blinding the eyes meant to save the world, and Anthemone foresees that they intend to blind her next.

– Veruca Starship (Sci-Fi/Space Opera/Epic Fantasy) – These are the voyages of the starship Veruca Lubov and her sister fleetships throughout time.  Their continuing mission is to explore the deep reaches of space, to acquire knowledge, to defend the downtrodden, and to sow peace.  Their first mission: to investigate the destruction of their sister ship, the F.S. Dorogoy, and to prevent an intergalactic war.



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