Putting Myself Out There

After mulling it over for a while, I decided to bite the bullet and post the first chapter of my NaNo novel, “Seer” on WattPad here. It’s just a rough draft and I’m sure I’ll be re-writing the entire thing in short order, but I like the prose and the voice this part’s written in.  I welcome any thoughts on what I’ve posted so far.

What about you, my mysterious listeners?  Have you braved the stony silence of the internet to share your work lately?


2 thoughts on “Putting Myself Out There

  1. Whoa! So if they can avoid accidents like open puddles, how do you deal with the population in your world? Or do people still die from individual accidents, like gunshot or stabbings? What about diseases? Although they can be foretold by the Seers, can they be prevented?

    • People definitely still die from freak accidents and diseases. Many, many things can be foretold, but they can’t all be prevented because like any ability, there are limits. For example, an motor vehicle might be foreseen by a seer who isn’t directly related to the event and, thus, has no way to prevent it. Or it may be seen too late. Besides, there are a lot of non-seers wandering around who are essentially flying blind unless they’re told what’s going to happen. So, yes, lots of room for randomness and happenstance in this world.

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