A Logline, A List

I was playing around on AbsoluteWrite, as you do, and decided to try condensing one of my many sideline WIPs into a single sentence. This is what I got:

Faeton Heath is the new Atlantis, ancient, magical, and doomed.

That line excludes the individual trials the characters face, but it captures the big story they’ll tackle together.

I’m making my Must-Do/Must-Write List for 2015 and goes like this:

–Revise current WIP, Seer, and seek out beta readers by March 2015, for submission in June 2015 (1)
–Complete one short story and two novellas stuck in limbo for the past year, and then revise and begin submission process by August 2015 (3)
–Kickstart revision process on A Diamond for You from NaNo 2013, and then polish into final draft for beta readers by the end of October 2015 for submission in early 2016 (1)
–Complete new contemporary LGBT romance WIP, The Love Spares during NaNoWriMo in November 2015 for revision and submission in mid-2016 (1)
–Begin writing space opera WIP (possible serial) and YA fantasy WIP in earnest to be completed by late 2016 (2)
–Flesh out new plot bunnies for completion throughout 2016 (2)

The Big Bad Master List is 10 synopses long and I think these resolutions cover all of them. But there’s a couple more I can’t forget for 2015:

–Get an agent
–Get a publishing deal

That’s what’s my writing year looks like in 2015. What about you?


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