What to Write Next?

Trying to decide what to write next (after I edit GCG, of course). I write about women and girls a lot because I love female characters, so that’s who most of my stories are about, in addition to others. Stories are always LGBT-inclusive and feature a wealth of diversity because that’s how I roll.

So, options:

  1.  A Dangerous Beat – YA or NA paranormal romance; witches, curses, orphans, etc.
  2. This Heavy Crown – YA or NA high fantasy–think Jupiter Ascending meets Reign
  3. A Prick of Magic – YA supernatural; a different take on the boarding school trope–a.k.a. a floating magical city with passing similarities to Atlantis
  4.  Veruca Starship – Space Opera/Science Fiction; not just YA/NA, has a mixture of different ages. Features extra-planetary cultures and peoples, fashion, architecture, starships, intrigue, politics, warfare, etc. Mucho drama.


My other projects are ones I’m working on in the hopes of publication, but I’m really enjoying the WP experience and would like to keep it going. Any advice would be appreciated.


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