Sweet Validation! And It’s Camp NaNo Prep Time!

You guys might remember that contest on WattPad I competed in in February, mentioned here. I wrote a YA Contemporary Romance short story/novellete entitled “Girls Chase Girls” for the Tay Gets the Gay LGBT+ Valentine’s Day writing contest. The results have just been announced and, lo and behold, I won!  I tied for first place with another writer, Hazzer123 who wrote the incredible entry, “Charlie and Eliza”. I don’t want to spoil it for you at all, but if you in any way interested in solid depictions of the trans experience, I’d say that’s a story you just can’t miss.

I’m so honored to have gotten first place. There were a number of truly mind-blowing entries, such as “The Ribbon Round Our Hearts” by terra_nova and “The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants” by floating. All of the others honorable mentions and runners up were similarly riveting and I encourage everybody to give them a read if you can.  I wasn’t sure if what I wrote was any good (I’m never sure of that, honestly), but it means a lot of to me to see that my story resonated with the judge (taygetsthegay) and with a lot of the readers. Winning has given me the confidence to start putting more of my work out there for other people to see. I hope my next projects resonate with readers, too.

This is me. I am celebrating with the highest of fives.

This is me. I am celebrating with the highest of fives. Celebrate with me!

Now to get ready for Camp NaNoWriMo in April.  This time, I’m doing a YA Paranormal LGBT+ Romance by the name “A Dangerous Beat.” Here’s the extended summary I’ve posted so far:

Emancipated minor Evie Featherton is hearing drums everywhere she goes in her strange new hometown. At first, she blames it on her heart. It wouldn’t be the first time that wayward organ convinced her to believe things that weren’t real. She believed her parents were alive for a year after their funeral; a whole year before the meds and the therapy and the loneliness broke through. She still feels them sometimes, their arms draped over her shoulders and the kisses they’d drop on her hair. She calls them sense memories when her doctors ask–and, yeah, she blames her shifty heart.
That’s why Evie’s sure it’s down to her heart when cymbals clash in her ears as soon as she hears the name Phoebe Park. Cymbals crash and gongs groan, drums begin to strike a discordant beat she can feel in her teeth. The fervant, whispered rumors must be true. Entrancing and intimidating It Girl Phoebe Park is everything that’s wrong with the world, Evie just knows it…until the moment their eyes meet across the town square for the first time.
Until Evie realizes the musical maelstrom quiets and the drums in her head and in her chest grow steadily louder whenever Phoebe appears. Evie trusted her instincts once and it cost her parents their lives; she can’t and won’t make that mistake again. It’s up to her to figure out whether the so-called Young Witch of Whale’s Town has put a curse on her or whether that drumming noise is caused by something much more dangerous–like love.

That’s what I’ve got coming down the pike for the next month. If you want to follow along with my 2015 NaNoWriMo adventures (April, July, and November), feel free to add me on the NaNo homepage as a writing buddy @Regency and I’ll follow back. If you want to be friends on Twitter add me @TheGreyIdris.

I hope your writing days are going even better than mine. Tata for now!


5 thoughts on “Sweet Validation! And It’s Camp NaNo Prep Time!

      • Yes, I’m doing Camp! I started a AW cabin. My NaNo is a Fantasy Romance novella based on Morticia & Gomez Addams.

    • I don’t think WP will let me reply directly to your second comment, but that sounds like an awesome basis for a story! Are you going for the sort of dark comedy tongue-in-cheek vibe they have going as well?

      • I expect there will be bits of dark comedy, but I’m going for just a certain sort of darkness in general. One of them is a vampire, and the other part vampire.

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