The #Wattys2015 and “Fast Girls,” My Newest Project

The voting for the Wattys 2015 starts tomorrow, in case you’ve forgotten. Vote for your favorite stories by tweeting the title and a link and including the tags #MyWattysChoice. Do it as often as you want or can between 24 August and 31 August and your fave may win a People’s Choice Award.

If Girls Chase Girls is one of your faves and you think GCG is worthy of that award, please tweet this link –>> with the hashtag #MyWattysChoice. If you @ me on Twitter at TheGreyIdris when you do, I’ll try to come say hello. GCG just passed 21K reads and 555 votes, guys. Let’s see what else we can do!

I’ll probably send messages similar to this over the next few days, but I hope to have new content for everyone after that. Best of luck to everyone attempting the Wattys. If I see you cross my TL on Twitter, I’ll signal boost if I can. Let me know how else I can help and have a wonderful week! ❤

In other small new, as of a few days ago I am officially be done with my degree!

*throws confetti*

*throws self into bed for a month*

Technically I finished mid-July, but it’s real deal official as of the 19th. I’m free! I’m celebrating by posting the extended summary for a story I talked about quite a while ago. You may recall it was previously entitled “Race Me.” Now it’s called “Fast Girls.” (I really like the word “girls” because girls are awesome, but I digress.). My current cover was done by the very talented @GirlyMikey on Wattpad, so please send them some love if you like it. At any rate,  the extended summary for “Fast Girls” has been posted for your perusal along with the usual copyright notice and reader notes.  Let me know what you think of the summary and the cover. What are you expecting out of this story? What are you worried about? Whatever crosses your mind I wanna know about it.

I hope everyone has an amazing week and I look forward to talking to you soon. xox


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