About Me

Supporter of #freethelgbt | @freethelgbt | #WeNeedDiverseBooks | @diversityinLit | @lgbt on Wattpad | #talkthepoc

Idris is a writer, a reader,  a Content/Engagement Ambassador for Wattpad, and a very dedicated fangirl. She writes romance, suspense, political satire, horror, speculative fic and scifi/fantasy within. She does contemporary young and new adult, and outright adult fiction. She loves to mix and match genres and categories.  Because what’s reading without the element of surprise?  She nurses a voracious passion for diverse literature featuring people from every background and tries to show that passion in her work.  She’s a little bit funny on paper, but don’t hold her to that.  Her characters tend to be as eccentric as she is, bless their hearts, though luckily not as southern.  How lucky they are overall remains to be seen.

Profile picture and banner were created using the fantastic website, WeaveSilk NeonFlames.


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