An Update & An Explanation

While I’ve never been the most prolific updater, I’ve been gone even longer than usual this time and I wanted to give an update or sorts and some kind of explanation.

Update first!

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The #Wattys2015 and “Fast Girls,” My Newest Project

The voting for the Wattys 2015 starts tomorrow, in case you’ve forgotten. Vote for your favorite stories by tweeting the title and a link and including the tags #MyWattysChoice. Do it as often as you want or can between 24 August and 31 August and your fave may win a People’s Choice Award.

If Girls Chase Girls is one of your faves and you think GCG is worthy of that award, please tweet this link –>> with the hashtag #MyWattysChoice. If you @ me on Twitter at TheGreyIdris when you do, I’ll try to come say hello. GCG just passed 21K reads and 555 votes, guys. Let’s see what else we can do!

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“Girls Chase Girls” #Featured on Wattpad

I’m very excited to tell you guys that my LGBT+ YA romance short Girls Chase Girls has been chosen as a Featured story on Wattpad. This means Girls Chase Girls has been deemed creative, well-written, and unique enough to warrant a space on the Wattpad Featured list, where it will remain indefinitely for all to see. I’m honored to have been selected and I hope you’ll come over to Wattpad to celebrate with me!

I’ve also entered this story in the 2015 Wattys for Wattpad.

Girls Chase Girls can be found here. Constructive criticism is love! Comments of any stripe make my day. Votes are appreciated but not required; the same goes for sharing on social media.  Thanks to everyone who’s already read and I hope the rest of you will give Girls Chase Girls a chance, too.

Camp NaNoWriMo Update & What’s Next

I’m dreadfully behind on my story this Campl, but I’m not giving up yet. I really want to finish this story soon and I hope to pull that off in the last week of the month.  That said, I’ve mentally moved ahead to other things.

I’ve decided that my next novella after I finish A Dangerous Beat is going to be about rival professional stock car drivers trying desperately not to fall in love. (And yes, they’re ladies of color.)  I’m so ready for this. I’ve already started doing my research. The story’s tentatively titled, “Race Me.”  Seems like I have a thing for fast cars and mouthy heroines. Ah, well. There are worse things.

“Girls Chase Girls”

I’ve decided to get active on WattPad.  I’ve previously posted a few excerpts I’ve written, but this time I decided to write something just for Wattpad. The Tay Gets the Gay account there promotes stories that feature LGBT+ characters, which is something I’m very much in favor of, so when they decided to hold a Valentine’s Day story contest, I couldn’t resist. I decided to take my passions for cars, ladies, and romance and put them together.  I give you, YA Contemporary Romance, “Girls Chase Girls“:

The cover WattPad user @RosyKun was kind enough to design for me. The images used at property of their copyright holders. No profit was earned by their use and no infringement is intended.

Extended Summary:

The Webber Wild Girls are the stuff of legend at Elise Webber High School for Engineering Professions.

Turn over a rock and you’ll see their mark.  Scrape paint off the wall and you’ll find their names.  Every event, good and bad, since the day the Webber School opened its doors can be traced back to those Wild greaser girls.  Generations of them have stalked the halls, ruling the school with red-polished fists and filling the parking lot with an endless procession of growling autos and steaming Harley-Davidsons in coordinated colors.  Nothing is impossible for a Wild Girl.

If Webber School is the animal kingdom, they are the queens of the jungle.  Kings need not apply.


Xia Qi is a loner, a certified square peg in the rocking and rolling reality of Webber High School in 2014.  She isn’t funny or beautiful, and nobody would intentionally describe her as outgoing.  She’s as invisible as she’s been for the past three years, until the day she isn’t…until the day a certain greaser girl saves her life.

Phaedra Barlowe is the kind of girl Xia’s mother warned her about: an athletic, rude, presumptuous, cocky, dyed in the wool greaser with the patched leather jacket and die-cast black ’67 Camaro to match. Phaedra and her crew are untouchable on a good day and unbeatable in a fight.  If that isn’t enough, they’re gorgeous to boot, every single one of them.  Phaedra’s no exception, but she’s the one that drags Xia out of her wrecked car at New Year’s and she’s the one that brings Xia flowers at the hospital when no one else bothers to visit.  She’s the one who won’t let Xia say thank you no matter how she tries.

This Wild Girl is a lot of things, some of them bad, but mostly she’s Xia’s hero, and if Xia plays her cards right, she’ll be Xia’s valentine, too.

That incredible cover was designed by uber-talented WattPad graphic artist @RosyKun and is used by me with permission.  The images used therein are the property of their respective copyright holders. No profit was earned by their use and no infringement is intended.

A Logline, A List

I was playing around on AbsoluteWrite, as you do, and decided to try condensing one of my many sideline WIPs into a single sentence. This is what I got:

Faeton Heath is the new Atlantis, ancient, magical, and doomed.

That line excludes the individual trials the characters face, but it captures the big story they’ll tackle together.

I’m making my Must-Do/Must-Write List for 2015 and goes like this:

–Revise current WIP, Seer, and seek out beta readers by March 2015, for submission in June 2015 (1)
–Complete one short story and two novellas stuck in limbo for the past year, and then revise and begin submission process by August 2015 (3)
–Kickstart revision process on A Diamond for You from NaNo 2013, and then polish into final draft for beta readers by the end of October 2015 for submission in early 2016 (1)
–Complete new contemporary LGBT romance WIP, The Love Spares during NaNoWriMo in November 2015 for revision and submission in mid-2016 (1)
–Begin writing space opera WIP (possible serial) and YA fantasy WIP in earnest to be completed by late 2016 (2)
–Flesh out new plot bunnies for completion throughout 2016 (2)

The Big Bad Master List is 10 synopses long and I think these resolutions cover all of them. But there’s a couple more I can’t forget for 2015:

–Get an agent
–Get a publishing deal

That’s what’s my writing year looks like in 2015. What about you?

I won. I am victorious. Bring me all the muffins & bagels in the land!


The title says it all. I crossed the designated finishing line some time ago . Maybe an hour? I don’t know, I’m terrible with clocks.  Anyway, I made it with around with 50,022 words. So, yeah. 100% accomplished.


I feel like this story will probably be about 65K-75K with all the necessary detail and plot points added.  As it is, the first draft, or draft 0 as I prefer to think of it, is nearly complete. I may take a break from it till winter break or may keep plugging away in the morning; I haven’t decided yet. At any rate, I’m excited and proud that I managed to do this for the second time in nine years of attempts.  Every success (in this regard) feels like a commitment to my craft and it’s one I’m ready to make.

Okay, SEER. It’s you and me. Let’s go all the way!

One more thing: I’d like to thank all the awesome people on various sites that encouraged me to keep trying when I felt like I’d been bled dry.  Your encouragement means a great deal. Thank you!