A Logline, A List

I was playing around on AbsoluteWrite, as you do, and decided to try condensing one of my many sideline WIPs into a single sentence. This is what I got:

Faeton Heath is the new Atlantis, ancient, magical, and doomed.

That line excludes the individual trials the characters face, but it captures the big story they’ll tackle together.

I’m making my Must-Do/Must-Write List for 2015 and goes like this:

–Revise current WIP, Seer, and seek out beta readers by March 2015, for submission in June 2015 (1)
–Complete one short story and two novellas stuck in limbo for the past year, and then revise and begin submission process by August 2015 (3)
–Kickstart revision process on A Diamond for You from NaNo 2013, and then polish into final draft for beta readers by the end of October 2015 for submission in early 2016 (1)
–Complete new contemporary LGBT romance WIP, The Love Spares during NaNoWriMo in November 2015 for revision and submission in mid-2016 (1)
–Begin writing space opera WIP (possible serial) and YA fantasy WIP in earnest to be completed by late 2016 (2)
–Flesh out new plot bunnies for completion throughout 2016 (2)

The Big Bad Master List is 10 synopses long and I think these resolutions cover all of them. But there’s a couple more I can’t forget for 2015:

–Get an agent
–Get a publishing deal

That’s what’s my writing year looks like in 2015. What about you?


Putting Myself Out There

After mulling it over for a while, I decided to bite the bullet and post the first chapter of my NaNo novel, “Seer” on WattPad here. It’s just a rough draft and I’m sure I’ll be re-writing the entire thing in short order, but I like the prose and the voice this part’s written in.  I welcome any thoughts on what I’ve posted so far.

What about you, my mysterious listeners?  Have you braved the stony silence of the internet to share your work lately?

I won. I am victorious. Bring me all the muffins & bagels in the land!


The title says it all. I crossed the designated finishing line some time ago . Maybe an hour? I don’t know, I’m terrible with clocks.  Anyway, I made it with around with 50,022 words. So, yeah. 100% accomplished.


I feel like this story will probably be about 65K-75K with all the necessary detail and plot points added.  As it is, the first draft, or draft 0 as I prefer to think of it, is nearly complete. I may take a break from it till winter break or may keep plugging away in the morning; I haven’t decided yet. At any rate, I’m excited and proud that I managed to do this for the second time in nine years of attempts.  Every success (in this regard) feels like a commitment to my craft and it’s one I’m ready to make.

Okay, SEER. It’s you and me. Let’s go all the way!

One more thing: I’d like to thank all the awesome people on various sites that encouraged me to keep trying when I felt like I’d been bled dry.  Your encouragement means a great deal. Thank you!

74% Condolences & Pressing On

This is my casual eulogy for the casualties of my NaNo WIP so far. I’ve just taken this from a post I did on the forums so no need to worry I’ve wasted the words.

RIP, nameless people in country X. You had to die by plague so that Plague/Pestilence could be realized.

RIP, those two nations’ worth of militants, pacificists, and civilians.  You had to die in a blaze of mutual destruction so that War could be realized.

RIP, half the world’s harvest of fresh produce.  You had to rot so that Famine could be realized.

RIP, nameless faceless people in country Y. You had to drown in a massive flood so that Death could be realized.

RIP, the elegant, chilling story I meant to write. You had to die so that my NaNo aspirations could be realized.


Slowly but surely, those aspirations are coming to fruition.  My brain cannot wait for December 1st.

In case you couldn’t tell from the above, I chose to write “Seer.” It’s going well and I love the story.  Here’s to another great year! Best of luck to all those still in the WriMo trenches, those who’ve tapped out, and those who’ve already won. ❤

Either/Or? Which Plot should I tackle for NaNoWriMo 2014?

I’ve got four ideas banging around my head and I could use some input as to which story I should work on this November. Here they are:

–  Seer (YA Spec. Fic/Alternate History) – In a world populated by seers (precognitives), sayers (projective telepaths), and regulars (those with neither ability), humanity is almost entirely reliant on the predictive powers of seers to guide their every move. From traffic jams to military coups, few events occur that cannot be foreseen. But even seers miss things.  Sixteen-year-old Anthemone Manigault is having dreams more ghastly than anything broadcast in the daily telepathic bulletins, and no other seer sees the same.  Somehow, someone is blinding the eyes meant to save the world, and Anthemone foresees that they intend to blind her next.

– Veruca Starship (Sci-Fi/Space Opera/Epic Fantasy) – These are the voyages of the starship Veruca Lubov and her sister fleetships throughout time.  Their continuing mission is to explore the deep reaches of space, to acquire knowledge, to defend the downtrodden, and to sow peace.  Their first mission: to investigate the destruction of their sister ship, the F.S. Dorogoy, and to prevent an intergalactic war.


I did it! I did the thing: 100% Achievement Unlocked!

NaNoWriMo 2013-Winner-Facebook-Cover

About twenty minutes ago, I crossed the finish line and completed my novel for National Novel Writing Month. I actually did it! I’ve been participating since 2005 and this is the first time I’ve seen it through. Can you believe it? I can’t!  Imagine I sound like a very ecstatic Benedict Cumberbatch right now, all high-pitched and startled. Yes, just like that.  The last three days have been a 20k binge write-a-thon. I gave up and then I tried again and here we are.

All that said, I have not slept in a very long time and I could not be hungrier, but I have done thing. Thing is done.

Well, I say thing is done when what I really mean is it’s longer than 50,000 words or will be. Thing is in desperate need of revisions. Nevertheless, it’ll do for November. Now for finals. Ta!