About inspiration and reference

You may be wondering what all these ‘Inspiration’ and ‘For Reference’  posts are about.  Basically, I wanted to share what sorts of things get my muse going and keep her fed.  I’m a highly visual person. If you give you me something beautiful, I will want to compose an epic about its origins, purpose, and fate.  It’s just the way I am.  Give me several beautiful things and I’ll try to bring them together like a puzzle to figure out how I can make them all fit into one fantastical work.  I adore imagery and have spent longer than I care to admit trying to live up to the thousand words every picture promises.  The truth is that I’m not as good as all that, but I always try and that’s what the inspiration posts are all about: the tales I want to spin about every astonishing, moving thing I see or hear.

The music posts show what songs get my fingers moving.  The moodier and the more atmospheric the better.  Epic music begets epic writing. RainyMood begets literary hurricanes everywhere.  It all shakes out in the wash, trust me.

The reference posts are FYIs for people who, like me, love research but can’t possibly research every relevant topic under the sun. Who has time to find out what all the different styles of coats and shoes are called? Right, not me, not even me.  Tumblr is a great resource for writers and I like to share anything I find out in the hopes that others get as much use out of it as I have.