The #Wattys2015 and “Fast Girls,” My Newest Project

The voting for the Wattys 2015 starts tomorrow, in case you’ve forgotten. Vote for your favorite stories by tweeting the title and a link and including the tags #MyWattysChoice. Do it as often as you want or can between 24 August and 31 August and your fave may win a People’s Choice Award.

If Girls Chase Girls is one of your faves and you think GCG is worthy of that award, please tweet this link –>> with the hashtag #MyWattysChoice. If you @ me on Twitter at TheGreyIdris when you do, I’ll try to come say hello. GCG just passed 21K reads and 555 votes, guys. Let’s see what else we can do!

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Camp NaNoWriMo Update & What’s Next

I’m dreadfully behind on my story this Campl, but I’m not giving up yet. I really want to finish this story soon and I hope to pull that off in the last week of the month.  That said, I’ve mentally moved ahead to other things.

I’ve decided that my next novella after I finish A Dangerous Beat is going to be about rival professional stock car drivers trying desperately not to fall in love. (And yes, they’re ladies of color.)  I’m so ready for this. I’ve already started doing my research. The story’s tentatively titled, “Race Me.”  Seems like I have a thing for fast cars and mouthy heroines. Ah, well. There are worse things.

A Logline, A List

I was playing around on AbsoluteWrite, as you do, and decided to try condensing one of my many sideline WIPs into a single sentence. This is what I got:

Faeton Heath is the new Atlantis, ancient, magical, and doomed.

That line excludes the individual trials the characters face, but it captures the big story they’ll tackle together.

I’m making my Must-Do/Must-Write List for 2015 and goes like this:

–Revise current WIP, Seer, and seek out beta readers by March 2015, for submission in June 2015 (1)
–Complete one short story and two novellas stuck in limbo for the past year, and then revise and begin submission process by August 2015 (3)
–Kickstart revision process on A Diamond for You from NaNo 2013, and then polish into final draft for beta readers by the end of October 2015 for submission in early 2016 (1)
–Complete new contemporary LGBT romance WIP, The Love Spares during NaNoWriMo in November 2015 for revision and submission in mid-2016 (1)
–Begin writing space opera WIP (possible serial) and YA fantasy WIP in earnest to be completed by late 2016 (2)
–Flesh out new plot bunnies for completion throughout 2016 (2)

The Big Bad Master List is 10 synopses long and I think these resolutions cover all of them. But there’s a couple more I can’t forget for 2015:

–Get an agent
–Get a publishing deal

That’s what’s my writing year looks like in 2015. What about you?

I did it! I did the thing: 100% Achievement Unlocked!

NaNoWriMo 2013-Winner-Facebook-Cover

About twenty minutes ago, I crossed the finish line and completed my novel for National Novel Writing Month. I actually did it! I’ve been participating since 2005 and this is the first time I’ve seen it through. Can you believe it? I can’t!  Imagine I sound like a very ecstatic Benedict Cumberbatch right now, all high-pitched and startled. Yes, just like that.  The last three days have been a 20k binge write-a-thon. I gave up and then I tried again and here we are.

All that said, I have not slept in a very long time and I could not be hungrier, but I have done thing. Thing is done.

Well, I say thing is done when what I really mean is it’s longer than 50,000 words or will be. Thing is in desperate need of revisions. Nevertheless, it’ll do for November. Now for finals. Ta!


About inspiration and reference

You may be wondering what all these ‘Inspiration’ and ‘For Reference’  posts are about.  Basically, I wanted to share what sorts of things get my muse going and keep her fed.  I’m a highly visual person. If you give you me something beautiful, I will want to compose an epic about its origins, purpose, and fate.  It’s just the way I am.  Give me several beautiful things and I’ll try to bring them together like a puzzle to figure out how I can make them all fit into one fantastical work.  I adore imagery and have spent longer than I care to admit trying to live up to the thousand words every picture promises.  The truth is that I’m not as good as all that, but I always try and that’s what the inspiration posts are all about: the tales I want to spin about every astonishing, moving thing I see or hear.

The music posts show what songs get my fingers moving.  The moodier and the more atmospheric the better.  Epic music begets epic writing. RainyMood begets literary hurricanes everywhere.  It all shakes out in the wash, trust me.

The reference posts are FYIs for people who, like me, love research but can’t possibly research every relevant topic under the sun. Who has time to find out what all the different styles of coats and shoes are called? Right, not me, not even me.  Tumblr is a great resource for writers and I like to share anything I find out in the hopes that others get as much use out of it as I have.

An Introduction

Hi, I’m Idris. Welcome to my writing blog. This is the place where I’ll talk about stories I’m working on and reblog stuff that inspires me. (Like food. So much food. Also, badass ladies and music.)  I love chatting about writing, so feel free to hit up the ask box here and ask me anything.

I graduated from college with a B.S. in Anthropology last year and I’ll be attending grad school for Public Health in the fall.  I’ve been writing since I was around ten, but I’ve always made up stories.  Writing is something I’d love to make a living at, but since I know I may not be able to, I’ve cultivated a number of other talents.  I dance and kickbox with the odd mixed martial arts session thrown in.  I enjoy music of all sorts and studying new languages is a favorite pastime of mine.  I also love food, cooking it as well as serving it to others.  These things tends to pop up in my writing often because I love them so much. I suppose that’s just a bit of me that gets mixed in with all my stories.

I write everything. I write romance, suspense, political satire, horror, speculative fic and scifi/fantasy. I do contemporary young and new adult, and outright adult fiction. I love to mix and match my genres and categories.  What’s reading without the element of surprise?  I’m a little bit funny on paper, but don’t hold me to that.  My characters tend to be as eccentric as I am, bless their hearts, but luckily not as southern.  Well, how lucky they are remains to be seen.

My profile picture and banner were created using the fantastic meditation website, WeaveSilk. I highly recommend it.

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The offerings are a bit sparse for the moment, but they’ll improve with time. Feel free to follow along.

I have a non-writing tumblr (livejournal and twitter and GR) as well where I concentrate my general fangirling and sarcasm-laced randomness.  It’s not much of a mystery, but let me know if you’d like to follow me there, too.


Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the show.