An Introduction

Hi, I’m Idris. Welcome to my writing blog. This is the place where I’ll talk about stories I’m working on and reblog stuff that inspires me. (Like food. So much food. Also, badass ladies and music.)  I love chatting about writing, so feel free to hit up the ask box here and ask me anything.

I graduated from college with a B.S. in Anthropology last year and I’ll be attending grad school for Public Health in the fall.  I’ve been writing since I was around ten, but I’ve always made up stories.  Writing is something I’d love to make a living at, but since I know I may not be able to, I’ve cultivated a number of other talents.  I dance and kickbox with the odd mixed martial arts session thrown in.  I enjoy music of all sorts and studying new languages is a favorite pastime of mine.  I also love food, cooking it as well as serving it to others.  These things tends to pop up in my writing often because I love them so much. I suppose that’s just a bit of me that gets mixed in with all my stories.

I write everything. I write romance, suspense, political satire, horror, speculative fic and scifi/fantasy. I do contemporary young and new adult, and outright adult fiction. I love to mix and match my genres and categories.  What’s reading without the element of surprise?  I’m a little bit funny on paper, but don’t hold me to that.  My characters tend to be as eccentric as I am, bless their hearts, but luckily not as southern.  Well, how lucky they are remains to be seen.

My profile picture and banner were created using the fantastic meditation website, WeaveSilk. I highly recommend it.

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The offerings are a bit sparse for the moment, but they’ll improve with time. Feel free to follow along.

I have a non-writing tumblr (livejournal and twitter and GR) as well where I concentrate my general fangirling and sarcasm-laced randomness.  It’s not much of a mystery, but let me know if you’d like to follow me there, too.


Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the show.